About Us

Who we are!

We have over 20 years experience as a legal documents preparer and have contracted with most of the Attorneys in Redding. We are like a family and we take care of our clients. 

Why choose a certified legal document preparer?

A certified legal document preparer is authorized under state law to  help consumers prepare certain types of legal documents. 

A certified legal document preparer  is a certified professional in the state of California who can prepare  and file a variety of legal documents for a person usually at a much  lower cost than a lawyer. Legal documents filed in bankruptcy, divorce,  separation, adoption, eviction, probate, business formation and many  other legal circumstances can be prepared with the help of a certified legal document preparer.

Why choose Mighty Mouse Docs?

Convenience,  knowledge, experience, quality service, accessibility, and one-on-one,  personalized attention. Unlike larger firms, Mighty Mouse Docs excels at  customer service and provides care that is tailored to meet your needs.