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We also provide services for those Attorneys that need a little extra help. If you need extra help on a case, we can pick up the files from your office and then return them when they are finished. Call us and we can help!

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         Nearly everyone has to prepare personal legal documents  or go to court at some point in their lives. Mighty Mouse Docs has the  experience to walk you through proper preparation of your personal legal  forms, ensuring that every document is properly prepared so that it will  be accepted by the courts. 

          Our legal document services  have been trusted by hundreds of individuals like you. If you aren’t  sure about the legal documentation you need or how to prepare it, we can  help. We’ve been assisting consumers like you for 20+ years and continue  to do so, letting our customers make decisions for themselves and  backing those decisions up with the appropriate personal legal  documents. 


5 Reasons Why

5 Reasons to use Mighty Mouse Docs


1.    We have 20+ years of experience preparing documents.

2.    We can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on issues like no-fault divorce, small claims, bankruptcy and more.

3.    We keep convenient hours at a convenient location so that you can easily meet with use at a time that suits you.

4.    You will always meet with a courteous, understanding  professional who will treat you with dignity and respect while assisting you in preparing your personal legal documents.